Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top 10(er, 11?) Childhood Favorites

                                                  Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish

Today is a "freebie" Tuesday, meaning you get to pick any of the previous topics that you might have missed or never got a chance to do.

 1. Jamberry by Bruce Degen: I think this was probably one of the first books I identified as a favorite. This book is just cute.
 2. Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola: I think I liked this book mainly because of the copious amounts of pasta in it. I've always liked reading about food.
 3. Anatole by Eve Titus: I have always loved mice, or at least reading about them. This series of books is about a mouse who lives in France named Anatole. He lives with his wife, Doucette, and their six children. He is dissatisfied with the traditional way of life for a mouse and sets out with his friend Gaston to find an honest way to make a living. Someone else compared these books to Ratatouille which is actually a pretty good comparison as they are very similar in some ways, but at the same time totally different in others. I think with a lot of these books it's kind of hard for me to pinpoint all of the reasons that they are on this list, so you're just going to have to take my word for it and read them because they are amazing.
 4. The Digby & Kate Books by Barbara Baker: Stories about two friends: a dog, and a cat. And their shenanigans together.
  5. The Golly Sisters Books by Betsy Byars: One word: Hilarious.
 6. The Dorrie Books by Patricia Coombs: Again, really cute. A series of stories about a little girl witch named Dorrie ("her hat's always on crooked and her socks never match") and her cat, Gink.
 7. Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm by Jerdine Nolen: I think the title's enough explanation, right? I mean a balloon farm? How much more interesting can you get?
8. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett: A lot of you have probably seen the movie. I haven't, but I have loved this book almost from day one. The illustrations are fabulous and such an amusing storyline. Wouldn't we all love it if food came down from the sky? Well, probably not. But it's a cool idea, right?
   9. The Easter Egg Farm by Mary Jane Auch: Erm, so this book is just dang cute! It's all about this hen named Pauline that doesn't lay normal eggs like the other hens. The other hens kind of shun her because her eggs come out looking like whatever she was looking at, at the time. Her owner however, sees the gift that she has and lets her live inside with her and takes her new places to see what kind of eggs she'll end up laying. Super adorable.
 10. Looking For Atlantis by Colin Thompson: I don't even really remember the whole point of this story. It lured me totally because of the pictures. You can get a bit of an idea from the cover, which as you can see is totally jam-packed with stuff. You could spend hours looking and find new things.
 11. The Wacky Book of Witches by Annie Civardi: So seeing how this is the third book on this list about witches you're probably starting to think I'm a little weird. Which I am, I admit it. I had an obsession with witches when I was little. Not like the ugly, creepy, satanic kind. I just thought they were fun because they wore pointy hats and made potions and stuff. So I read like every story I could find about witches--it wasn't just witches either, I had an obsession with fairy tales and mythical/fictional creatures/people in general--which is actually kind of interesting because with all my interest in them, I don't think I ever dressed up as one. I was a princess multiple years in a row, but I don't think I ever went trick-or-treating as a witch. But that's beside the point. The point is, that this is a really fun(if slightly gross--there are newts' eyes and warts and all that)book with lots of pictures that are insanely detailed and fun to look at.

Other books that I really love, but didn't include in order to keep this post a semi-reasonable length.
-Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
-One Morning in Maine
-The Flying Dragon Room
-Harold and the Purple Crayon
Eish, you know what? I should just make a top 50 list or something... this is ridiculous.

What were your favorites books as a child?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tons of awesome!

So....I realize I have been gone an abominably long time from blogging, and I'm not even going to try to come up with a valid excuse. But.... I did want to share a few things with you all.

1. This week The Apocalypsies are hosting the YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes, which is something you are going to want to check out. If you participate in it, you get to find out about a bunch of new Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction that either has/will be released this year by debut authors, plus enter a bunch of really awesome giveaways to win ARCs, swag, and other craaazy cool stuff. Not to mention the 5 awesome prize packs that will go to the winners of the race. Want more info? Click on one of the links above.

2. Over at Literary Rambles Casey and Natalie are hosting ANOTHER amazing giveaway with 20 YA/MG books that you could win!

3. Have you heard about SOPA/PIPA yet? The internet censorship thing that could kill Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.? If you haven't you've probably been living under a rock or in a cave or maybe on a desert island. You may or may not have already noticed that Wikipedia's English site is not accessible today as part of the protest. Abigail at Rear Window did a great post on it, if you want to learn more about it. Or you can Google it.Click here if you want to sign the petition against it. (<<Do it!! Please?)

Love y'all!