Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today I will just blog about a bunch of random things I have been thinking about.
So here we go.

1) YA books. I walked into Barnes & Noble yesterday, went over to the YA section, and proceeded to become gradually more and more disgusted. The subject matter for many of these books included: cheating boyfriends, drugs, cutting, abusive relationships, and of course paranormal romance. Yuck. Herein lies the reason why I read more middle grade fiction than YA.

2) I finished reading Possession by Elana Johnson today! :D

3) Shout-out to Suzy @ Suzy Krause and the Skyscrapers: You should do a paper rant about getting the absolute last half seat on the bus during the first week of school. Just saying...

4) Guess what?!? I got a new bookshelf! Which was SO needed. Between my sister and me we have like three big bookshelves and then two little ones and waaaay more books than can rest comfortably within.

5) Over at Shannon Whitney Messenger's blog there is an AWESOME giveaway! Like, one of the best giveaways I have seen during my time in the blogosphere. And do you want to know WHY it's so awesome?? I'll tell you. Because one of the books that is part of the giveaway is an ARC of.....CROSSED by Ally Condie (#2 in the Matched Trilogy)!! And there's some other pretty legit stuff too. Check it out!

6) FACT: Listening to Owl City makes just about anything better. <3

Have a fantabulous week!

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  1. Emily, this is an awesome post packed with goodies! Thanks. I cant' wait to read Crossed.