Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random Tidbits of Coolness and Teaser Tuesday!

I'm back!
Today I'm going to share a bunch of random stuff with you that makes me happy, but are too small for individual posts to be entirely devoted to each one.

1) I'm going to see the LAST Harry Potter movie TONIGHT!!! You don't even know how excited I am!! When I found out that the midnight release was going to be one of the nights I would be at Youth Conference and that there was no possible way I would be allowed to see it that night, I was so MAD! I ranted and raved for at LEAST a half hour (it's true! ask my family...) about how unfair it was. But we're not going to think about how this isn't the midnight showing now, are we? Of course not...the only important thing is that I'm gonna get to see it! Tonight!! And it's going to be amazing...even though nobody wants to dress up with me.. :(

2) A couple weeks ago I found a special rock...

Now isn't that the cutest thing? It's got a smiley face!

3) This is an awesome story/parable that you should read: The Tragedy at Rayad
It's not very long, don't worry.

4) Over at Reading Angel it is Teaser Tuesday. Follow the link, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

So here's mine:

"'Jane will you have a flower?'
He gathered a half-blown rose, the first on the bush, and offered it to me."

(from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte)

P.S. I'd love to hear what you're happy about today, or if you have cool rocks that smile too, or anything really, if you'd like to share. :)


  1. Oh, Emily, how can I resist commenting on the rock? Great find! I have one my kids found years ago that is green with brown bumps all over and looks just like the skin of a toad. I've never seen another like it.