Friday, September 2, 2011

I was going to make myself write tonight...

...but my flash drive is missing.

And I know there's probably people out there who would just pull out their hard copy and start working from that. However, I'm lazy. Meaning, unless my flash drive magically appears in the next little while I will most likely not be writing. Because I actually have been attempting to work from my hard copy for the last few months -- on the few nights where I have actually set out to do something of that sort--and so now, I'm just ready to work from the computer again. But I can't! Unless I start on something totally new... which I really don't want to do right now.

So what are your plans for the weekend? Or do you not have any because all your best friends have gone off to do crazy things without you(like me)?

If that is the case, let me provide you with a few things to do which are at least amusing even if they're not terribly productive:

1) Ever wondered if you would survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Find out here:

2) --for those of us who really have no one else to talk to...

3) does that not look adorable?? And yeah, I'll probably cry my eyes out when I go see it, but I've learned that I don't actually mind movies that make me cry that much--especially if it's because it's sad but beautiful.

Any ideas for other fun stuff I could do with my weekend?


  1. Sad day! You could do something fun with your family :)
    Or, you could have a love comes softly or jane austen marathon! Get homework done? Write? Read a book? Scrapbook? Play the piano, go running, bake and decorate a cake, write a letter to your brother, leave love notes on all of your family members' pillows, doorbell ditch cookies to your neighbors...there are tons of things you can do!

  2. Those are great suggestions! :) Too bad that somewhere in there I'm going to have to include "do my homework." :P

  3. Come on Emily, you can work on your story. No excuses!Just start! Say you'll write one sentence, then two, then three..... It will feel sooo good! I am working on mine. Yipee! We want to have something to critique together during those rainy days ahead right?

  4. Definitely! I have actually been thinking about it a lot this week and I'm pretty sure I've decided on something which will make it a lot better. Just need to get an outline going. :P