Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spread the Love!

Today I would like to share my love for a very special person.

Yup! That would be Adam Young. As in the Owl City guy. (aka like, my favorite artist in the whole wide world!!) :D

And if you don't know what Owl City is (chances are-you've at least heard "Fireflies"), you need to go spend a couple hours here listening. Because it's amazing. He's amazing. And if you do know what it is and don't like it--well, I don't know if we can be friends...(haha jk!)
Actually I have to admit that I didn't fall in love with it during my first encounter, but I am a genuine convert now!
His music is unlike(and 10x more awesome than) pretty much anything else I've ever heard. And I actually have the privilege of being able to say that I was the first one in my group of friends to like him and so was telling everyone how cool he was and they were like "yeah, yeah...whatever." And THEN they started listening and I was like "I told you so..."

For my birthday this year, one of my friends actually got me his new CD "All Things Bright and Beautiful" and I now have it on my MP3 player. Which is truly fabulous. If I'm having a bad day at school, I just turn that on and wham! Insta-bad-day-be-gone! :D

People I've met who don't like Owl City give me the excuse: "All of his music sounds the same" to which I must say "Not true!" Maybe similar, but each song has its own unique sound AND they're all about different things and insanely creative which is more than can be said for some music. And while I must admit that there is a curiously frequent use of the word "textbook", that's a pretty small thing to complain about when you're getting great music that is clean and fun.

And it makes me happy. So happy. Hot Air Balloon in particular, makes me want to frolic around the house wearing fuzzy socks.

That's it for today, I think. But you can spread the love too! Either for Adam Young or another artist. Who is your favorite artist/song? Why?

P.S. Just on a side note from the fuzzy socks... check this out!!
fuzzy TOE socks!!! I get a pair of these and my life will be complete. ;) lol.


  1. Emily I love this post! It's full of infectious positive energy. Thanks. It sounds like I need to listen to some Owl City!

  2. Thanks! I had fun writing it. :) And yes, that is correct. ;)